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Who We Are & Our Mission

The Teddy Bear Care Corporation, also known as TBC, is an organization founded by Donna Roberts and Charlotte Williams-Newton on March 25, 2013, in the memory of Teddy Roberts who was a canine member of Donna Roberts’ family. TBC is a Domestic Nonprofit 501 (c ) 3 Corporation as listed in the articles of the Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. Declared by the State of Pennsylvania on July 24, 2014, section (3) under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988 as a: Charity and prevention of cruelty to animals. TBC serves this mission for the South Western Community of Greene and Fayette Counties in the State of Pennsylvania. TBC strictly adheres to the articles placed upon us as a Network Rescue operation for the state of Pennsylvania without question; License number 16348, K-Class-NP. TBC is an organization that cultivates energetic volunteers by uniting them with their skill sets, talents and love of animals to serve their community to resolve and provide a better way of life for animals with training and education.

Teddy Bear Care is dedicated to providing Affection, Security and Love to all animals in need.

Success Stories


We adopted Buddy about three years ago & I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Buddy has been a blessing for our family and each of us have been a blessing for him. I couldn’t be more grateful to Teddy Bear Care for entrusting us to foster Buddy. We soon realized we wanted to be his forever family so we adopt him. Buddy was a little on the shy side & he didn’t like to be around a large group. He wasn’t fond of loud noises, like many doggos. My family went through some therapy with him. Now he can go to large gatherings & he enjoys walks in the park . Buddy loves to be around his two human sisters & will peak his head in their bedrooms to check on them. When the bedroom door is closed he will put his head against the door to nudge it. This absolutely melts my heart. There have been times when I felt Buddy was more excited to see me after a long day at work than anybody else. Buddy as changed our lives in such a positive way; he simply isn’t an ordinary dog, he is a member of our family. Since Buddy’s adoption he has gained a few more family members; another dad, a sister Dori; & a fat cat brother named Bubba. Thank you Teddy Beary Care!


Solo was hit by a car with his owner who sadly did not survive the incident. Two women found him & brought him to one of the veterinarian clinics which Teddy Bear Care works with at only about five weeks of age. TBC was called to see if they could help improve his situation as the vet clinic was not prepared to handle the full extent of his injuries. Solo was then sent to WACC, where the famous Teddy was also seen for his injuries. Solo’s left wrist was broken in six places & could not be saved. TBC then raised the necessary funds to get Solo the operations he neded performed & Donna Roberts, one of the Founders of TBC, fostered him during his recovery. She feel in love & was later approved to adopt him, paying all adoption fees. Solo was named for his one left & the TV show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon Solo. Just like the character from the show Solo is a survivor from death defying situations. Because he’s disabled he gets plenty of extra attention & care. Solo brings lots of laughter & joy into the lives around him. Who knows what would have become of young Solo if it weren't for Teddy Bear Care giving him every opportunity at a new life.


When I adopted Hagrid I hadn’t planned to get another dog so soon after Tater my old English bulldog passed. I happened to see a friend’s post on Facebook for Teddy Bear Care. My other dog was elderly & I noticed her demeanor changed after losing her pal so maybe she could use some company while I’m at work. I went to TBC’s FB Page where I saw Hagrid’s photo & decided to meet him. When I saw Hagrid for the first time I thought he has the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen & had to bring him into the loving home he deserved. Before TBC Hagrid was an outside dog who hadn’t received much attention & didn’t know how to play. We had the pleasure of watching this gentle giant learn to play & become an amazing companion. He immediately took to my elderly dog, walked gingerly around her & protected her. After she passed we knew Hagrid would need a friend. We got a puppy & to our amazement we watched Hagrid continue to grow as the loving attentive dog we adore. We're grateful to have him in our life. Adopting a rescue was the best decision & I encourage anyone looking to adopt with unconditional love to give to get a rescue. Thank you Teddy Bear Care for Hagrid!

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