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TBC's Search & Rescue Team Does It Again!


For eleven days the cat named McKenzie, ("Kenzie" for short), went missing from her home, in Masontown, PA. This was an accidental escape, and Kenzie ran from her pet-parents out of mere fear! The TBC Search & Rescue Team was brought in almost immediately and began their search efforts following the very last sighting of her. The Team continued to follow Kenzie through the woods, streets, and side roads of Masontown, PA; leading them across a busy intersection, to businesses, private homes, and even through the first major 6 inches of snowfall of December 2020!

TBC Red flags were placed at each confirmed "hit" and sighting in order to track Kenzies whereabouts. Traps were set and monitored on a regular basis, and moved into locations to bring her closer to the Team, and pet-owners. There were many car trips into surrounding areas, and no building or warehouse was left unchecked. The Team used various methods of tracking with proper training, and special equipment was used to track the kitty.

Finally, she was seen by one of her pet-parents and then she disappeared before their eyes! The Team investigated the areas and found that she had hid into what appeared to be either a rabbit or groundhog hole. So the Team placed traps in the area close by and went to prepare for an all night "stake-out". Only she decided to go for the food in one of the traps before the Team returned for the "stake-out"! WELCOME BACK HOME KENZIE!! The TBC Search & Rescue Team was more than delighted, and a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE HAPPENED! (pictured: L to R): Pet-Parent Jess, TBC Founder Donna, "Kenzie" Pet-Parent Christy and TBC Volunteer Kim Sue.

Written by: TBC Staff on December 21st, 2020

TBC's Doggie & Me Photos!

Come dressed up in your Halloween costume with your doggo on October 10th for Teddy Bear Care's Doggie & Me Photos. ONLY $20 for a packet of 8x10/2-5x7 & Wallets. This event is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - even if you don't have pet, we'll take your photo in your Halloween costume too! We're taking appointments now & photographs will be taken from 10am to 3pm at the Mystery Findsm (Fairdale Inn) 422 Rt. 88 Carmichaels. CALL: 724-998-6491 to book your Appointment TODAY!

Written by: TBC Staff on September 27th, 2020

Teddy the Boxer Gets Adopted!


Our boxer named Teddy has found his forever home on August 16th! When his new Mama came to meet him, he ran into her arms as if he had known her his whole life. The Teddy Bear Care Staff on hand at the time were puzzled to see Teddy's reaction. But then we all realized animals will sometimes "choose" their humans. This was just such an extraordinary event. Since his adoption we have been following his new adventures which we are all delighted and very happy for him. Welcome to your Forever Home Teddy!!!

Thank you Christina for loving our Teddy and making him part of your life!

Written by: TBC Staff on August 24th, 2020

Current Staff Positions Needed

The following Staff Positions are open to be filled:

Event Chairman
This position is committed to do the following: organize all fundraising events in coordination with the Event Committee. Will coordinate table markets, call businesses to book table markets and events, and will do some light marketing along with sponsorship marketing.

Social Media Manager
As a Social Media Manager this person will be responsible for developing and implementing social media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts.

Newsletter Editor
The person to hold this position must have prior experience in editing. Should have good time management skills to meet deadlines, and be able to make deadlines to publish. Should also have knowledge and experience of online newsletters for publication.

If you're interested in applying to any of the above listed positions please email your resumes to our Board

Written by: TBC Staff on August 16th, 2020

TBC Art, Craft & More Event!

Teddy Bear Care Corporation made the decision to get back to work after the five long months of lock-down from the Covid Virus in our state. This decision was made by the TBC Event Committee, once the GREEN status was announced by State Officials, with certain restrictions for safety.  August 8th, 2020 was the date set, to be held at the Fairdale Inn-Mystery Finds 422 Rt. 88 in Carmichaels, PA. 

Although we had several vendors cancel due to other issues, we had a wonderful turn out. Everyone who participated arrived on time,and set up went smoothly! The TBC booth served refreshments of walking tacos, soft drinks, cookie kits, pepperoni rolls and ALL of the usual TBC merchandise! The Volunteers did a GREAT JOB, as usual talking with to the visitors of the day and “working” the LOVE for the animals!!

ALL the vendors' talents were judged by our four local community members. Adam Kelly of Mystery Finds, Charlie Perkins of RT 40 Classic Diner, Officer Melissa Adamson of the Cumberland Twp. Police Dept and “Miss Norma” of the Flenniken Library were the Judges for the day.

The following vendors won prizes and ribbons:

Donna Roberts won a blue ribbon for her entire booth, of which one portrait in particular impressed the Judges. It was the graphite portrait of the late Co-Founder of TBC and her brother, Brian Roberts.

Danielle Nyland Danielle Nyland of Studio 1331 won First Place Blue Ribbon and top monetary prize for her booth and the Judges were impressed by her Tractor Picture and HDR Photography.

Sharon Grainey of Love Every Stitch won Second place and gift card award for her talents of crafts displayed.

Wendy Morris of “Cold Nose Bakery” won Third place and a gift card award for her dog cookies.

Fourth place ribbons were awarded to: Valerie Grimm for her unique hand towels and Debbie Lightener for her interesting color street nails.

All in all the Teddy Bear Care Gang was SO VERY HAPPY to be able to get back into the fundraising work to support their foster animals and operations of TBC! We THANK ALL OUR VENDORS and our Judges for participating in the event!

Written by: TBC Staff on August 11th, 2020


Special Event Announcement: Coming this Saturday, August 8th from 10AM to 5PM at The Fairdale Inn (422 S RT 88 Carmichaels, PA 15320) we proudly psresent to you an Art Craft & More Show! Featured Activities Include an Art Show with Judges & Prizes, Cookie Decorating Kits for purchase, Vendors of a wide variety, an Indoor Flea Market, so much to see, much to do, Food, Drinks & a Kona Shaved Ice Truck.

Remember to Practice Safe Distancing, Wear a Mask & Be Safe as you Enjoy this Outdoor Event!

Written by: TBC Staff on August 6th, 2020

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