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Our Board Members


Donna Roberts

Chairman of the Board
& Founder

Donna has such respect & love for animals. She believes even in their loss they should be held with the same respect as in life.


Karen Roberts


Karen is a lover of all animals & is fondly known as Baby Elephant. She enjoys collecting elephant figurines & is fiercely against animal abuse.


Shari Facchine

Vice President

Shari is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT). She is continuing to expand her knowledge & skills in canine rehabilitation with TBC.


Robin Leighty


Robin has a background in many fields & wears many hats. As a paralegal she assists our legal team & is one of Teddy Bear Care's Grant Writers.


Darla Lemley


Darla has vast experience in accounting & immense insight. She loves cats & all animals. We're very excited to have her in the Teddy Bear Care family.


Barb Turner


Barb has had a deep & inspiring love of all animals. She grew up with many furry family members as a child & believe they are more than pets.


Chris Malloy


Chris wishes everyone had access to resources to get their fur-babies taken care of. So he helps potential clients find the help & resources they need.


Jennifer Duke

Retired Treasurer
& Co-Founder

She developed the TBC accounting procedures & policies still being used today. Jenn is a cat lady, but also loves dogs & true animal lover!

A Brief History About Teddy

Teddy and his “Mama” (Donna Roberts) were an inseparable pair. They went everywhere and did everything together. As a puppy, Teddy had separation anxiety. It was evident Teddy needed a little extra attention than most and Donna was willing to be a steady constant in his life to keep him calm, happy and healthy. Whenever he was left alone Donna would keep the radio or TV on, letting him know he was not really alone and Mama would return soon.

Teddy received his name from the Puppy Play Pen after the teddy bear he would sleep with. It was here Donna first met her new best friend. Teddy was a very good boy, gave plenty of kisses, was excited to make new friends and would never forget his old friends. Teddy even loved cats, it's no secret some dogs do not. Teddy loved cats so much he had two of his own; Muffin and Makayla.

Bugsy was his best friend. They enjoyed running free in New Jersey, inside a fenced-in roller blading rink. Along with his adopted sister Jackie the group loved to take rides in the car, look out the window, go “trick-or-treating” and spend Christmas together. Teddy greatly enjoyed opening his own presents. He even recognized his own Christmas stocking from the others and would pull it down from the mantle come Christmas day.

Another unique trick of his was to bow his head in front of his Mama as if to pray. This act of Teddy’s so tickled his Aunt Weeze so much that she often talked about him to her friends at church. Teddy made friends everywhere he want; human, canine and feline alike.

During Teddy’s time at doggie-hospice as his health began to fail, the TV was a source of calm for himself and his Mama. One of the movies they would listened to while he was getting pain treatment’s was “Joyful Noise”. The song they heard in this movie was “To the Moon”. The very words Mama would say to him whenever she left for school or work. Even as he was losing the battle with his health, Teddy was with Muffin when she passed. Makayla was often by his side during this time, loving and keeping him warm. Teddy is loved and missed by many, many people that range from the mid-west to the south and east coasts.

Teddy lived a very long and happy 19 years. He was able to do so because Donna Roberts made a promise, to do everything in her power keep him well. It is known that teddy bears represent affection, security and love which describes Teddy perfectly and is what TBC is all about. The Teddy Bear Care Corporation was created to keep this kind of love alive in his honor and memory. Help us at TBC to continue providing Affection, Security and Love to all the fur-babies in need of that little extra.

Thank you.

- Memorial -


Charlotte Williams-Newton

Former Vice President
& Founding Member

“I've always had a soft spot for my furry friends, especially dogs. Most of my dogs were rescued from the shelters."


Laura Rhea-Novillo

Former Volunteer Coordinator

Laura had many precious fur-babies; Titan, Buddy, Haven, Scooby, Coco, Nenvah & Meeka.

"I love animals. They deserve love & attention."


S. Lynn Snyder

Former Ticket Master

Lynn was a very important asset to TBC's fundraisers. Many of the things she was involved would not have gotten done without her. She always went above & beyond to helpful!


Brian J, Roberts

Former Treasurer

Brian loves animals & has been a part of TBC since the conception of the organization. We could not possibly begin to list all the wonderful ways he’s helped so many people & pets.